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I love taking photos of my foodie & travel conquests. This is a beautifully constructed Seared Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad, from my trip to Travaasa Hotel-Hana, Maui.


And every now and then, a glass of wine does me right.

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Hello, you guys! Today, I am going to share with you my absolutely faaaaav TV SHOWS and MOVIES that are well…foodie focused! I am a sucker for romances, Korean and Japanese dramas (as of recent), comedies and with all of my television watching, I tend to favor when the characters resemble some of my very […]


*Yawn* Excuse me! I have been binging on Korean and Japanese TV dramas on Netflix since my man introduced me to them — Thank you love! You may be regretting that decision now but I am ever so grateful! It’s my secret indulgence. Along with eating (giant) spoonfuls of Talenti icecream in the middle of […]


“Cheers 2 U…For Givin’ me a chance…” – Seductive lyrics by the R&B group, Playa. I was jammin’ this song as I pondered how I would deliver my ‘End of Year – New Year’ speech. It just felt right. I was mixin’ and jivin’ to the beat, feel me? Cheers 2 U, 2016 and thank […]

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It’s almost midnight, my little man is knocked out asleep with his little chubby cheeks pressed up against the pillows…He looks so peaceful and well, tired! These days, he’s taking 2-3 one-hour naps and sleeps through the night with exception to his feedings – He is breast-fed and wakes up ever so often to eat. […]

I Tried Plexus Slim...

Hello everyone! Welcome back – It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon in Austin, TX and I just got back home from somewhat of an eventful day at the grocery store with my son. He is now knocked out asleep to my right. Phew, mommy life is the real deal and I sometimes shock myself with conjuring […]

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