Conquer Chores while Enjoying Life in Austin, Texas

Hello Again! From my last post, you saw how we began our busy weekend. Got most of our errands done that first day, so on the second day off – We can rejuvenate & relax. We are the type of people that really appreciate the simplest of things. A hot shower, the smell of clean laundry, home cooked meals, & Lord Bless cable TV! Here’s how we saved a good amount of money, yet again, on our eventful weekend!

Sleep in, & indulge with a yummy breakfast. It’s so nice to sleep in and force extra cuddle time with your man! I usually whip up a hot breakfast in the kitchen, and his favorite meal is pancakes, bacon, eggs, and a cup of coffee. Watch out for other blogs with my pancake recipe!

Treat yourself to a Mani-Pedi. Get those scrubbish rubbish feet some TLC. If you don’t have the cash to splurge on a spa mani-pedi, check out your local Groupons. I happened to catch a mani-pedi for $32! My cousin got one as well, and we had a last minute Girl’s day at Nail Geeks. Sweet couple of ladies, operating their own small business. On Tuesdays, it’s $40 mani-pedis…if only it was byob too!

ImageRelax and catch up on your favorite shows. I can pick at least 5 different shows that I keep up with. From my most favorite: Pretty Little Liars, Marrying the Game, Chopped, and Chef Roble. Thank you, AT&T U-Verse, for recorded television!

Laundry. One of the most dreaded chores of the week, but it’s gotta be done! We don’t have a washer and dryer in our home, so we go to a Washatopia nearby. Conveniently operated by cards only! I don’t see how laundry can be fun, so I decided to make it fun, by challenging my beau… a thumbwar match! Children born after 1999, won’t understand why this is so entertaining.


Let the Day Drinking Begin…So now that our chores are completely done, we rewarded ourselves with some Cupcake Prosecco and strawberries. Boy, I was so relaxed, that I fell asleep, right after we finished the bottle. Woke up after about an hour and wished we had more! I don’t have a high tolerance for alcohol, so when I find something that’s delicious, I’m all in!ImageDinner Date Perhaps? We like to splurge a little and try a new restaurant every month. This particular night, we craved Tex-Mex/Seafood. We found a place called Marisco’s and mapquested it. We got closer and closer to….Rundberg. If you’re from Austin, you would get why we try to stay away from that area! So we turned around and luckily, found a small business that we’ve always wanted to stop by – Chago’s! Fate was on our side tonight, because the service, and the food was well worth our time. Below is a photo of my Mofungo with a generous portion of jumbo shrimps,  and his chicken with fried Yucca plate!



Free Movie Tickets…Yes. We had some free tickets to Regal Cinemas, and caught a late night flick after we were stuffed from dinner. We watched Wolverine, and it was a pretty good film with action and adventure…and of course my favorite…that gorgeous hunk of man, Hugh Jackman!

When we got home, we couldn’t wait to face-plant into our bed. Goals accomplished, great food, and new memories with my best friend, the love of my life!

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