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I love taking photos of my foodie & travel conquests. This is a beautifully constructed Seared Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad, from my trip to Travaasa Hotel-Hana, Maui.

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Austin, Texas, born and raised, in my kitchen or dining out, is where I spend most of my days…

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Enjoying a meal that someone else prepared for you is like exchanging spiritual vibes - They made this for YOU, enjoy it.

Sometimes, I just want to scream, run a few laps, and sleep – All at the same time…the life of a growing [step]mommy, entrepreneur, and lover. “You’re crazy!” you must be thinking – Meh, I’d say that I’m just brave enough to publish thoughts floating aloofly through my brain, out loud. I’m in my mid-twenties, […]

Pretty dish...looks can be deceiving. The "charcoal grilled" chicken portion was abysmal, with most of the bowl being filled by  a huge bed of lettuce and noodles.

A simple “Date Night” out in town with Z, trying out a restaurant I used to frequent, and catching a flick at the local theater – It was the perfect way to end our day after spending it gardening on our teeny, tiny little apartment balcony. So what’s all the fuss about in my blog […]


Try this fun new recipe I tried out the other day – It’s quick, easy, and vegetarian! I’ll give you my ‘Test-Taste Recipe’ for this yummy mango-ginger fried brown rice, paired with fried tofu. If you’d like to call it healthy-ish because it doesn’t contain any meat, go for it! So…did you guys notice the […]


Work, emails, searching for writing jobs, searching for… …Every excuse to why I have not written on my own blog in so damn long! Well I’m back, and back for GOOD! I was going to feature my next Giveaway on this post, however my domain is in the process of transferring, and I want to […]


Decisions. Take charge, get out of bed, and conquer three new eateries, in this gorgeous Spring weather. I did! I found out about – Juiceland, La Mancha, and Monkey Nest Coffee Shop. Just in time for some ‘Spring Cleaning’. Well, Hi! It has been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve partially cured my […]


sur sdei chhnam thmei! សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មីនៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជា - Happy Cambodian New Year! Wait, didn’t the New Year already pass? – In America it has, but for the Motherland, April 13 marks the end of the harvest season and a time to prepare for the next rainy season in May. Since the rainy season does not begin until late May, farmers have […]