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My name is Elaine, and I write about my passion for food, travel, and LIFE! Sit down and experience it all with me.

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I cook, eat, and dine out. Need restaurant recommendations? Check out my reviews.


I love taking photos of my foodie & travel conquests. This is a beautifully constructed Seared Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad, from my trip to Travaasa Hotel-Hana, Maui.


And every now and then, a glass of wine does me right.

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The Beautiful

Hello Everyone! I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the beautiful Julie! Thank you for nominating me, and I am happy to spread the love and shout out to other beautiful bloggers across the World! I am appreciative of being part of this web of talented people who are full of courage and real-ness to share […]


I Introduce to You, Elaine’s Errands What do I do, now that I don’t work for anyone? I started my own business! That’s right, I really did. I honestly didn’t see myself speaking to anyone about being a business owner (because I had always worked for someone else), but I am. I want to take […]


I’m hungry and feel like I’m being driven by my latest food cravings…something you might hear from a pregnant woman quite often! Get that woman the exact thing she wants to eat, or she may come off moody and cranky! Lucky for you since this post is inspired by my pregnancy cravings, you will be […]

7  o c t o b e r  2 0 1 4

I’ve been M.I.A. and it’s time to catch up. Pour up a glass of wine (and one for me) and let’s chat. I’ve missed you all, missed my blog, and have definitely missed sharing delicious food porn shots with my fellow foodies. Why is it that I haven’t been on the blog lately? I had […]

What-UP my foodie followers! I mean it, this post is dedicated to food lovers around the world – Specifically those that are single and looking for a like-minded lover! You are in for a treat, my friends. I recently got in touch with the CEO of a site called Luvafoodie. I thought it was too good […]

Save Money on Date Night!

Hello, hello! **This blog contains an announcement!** How was everyone’s Valentine’s weekend? My beau said, “Wow. This Valentine’s is really gonna suck for the guys this year – Valentine’s…on a SATURDAY!?” Hahaha…Lucky him, I didn’t expect the typical V-Day hoopla type of gifts. I really just wanted to stay in away from the crowds, and […]