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I love taking photos of my foodie & travel conquests. This is a beautifully constructed Seared Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad, from my trip to Travaasa Hotel-Hana, Maui.


And every now and then, a glass of wine does me right.

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Oh me, oh my! Total Wine and More has finally graced our neighborhood (Mueller) with an absolutely stunning display of rows upon rows of all of the wines you can possibly drink, along with your favorite spirits, beers and snacks. The plethora of selections were decorated with little knick knacks you could dress your bottles […]


It happened. It happened here in my home state of Texas. Hurricane Harvey made one heck of a spin throughout the Texas coast, rocked and misplaced so many people from their homes, jobs and loved ones. To be honest, it took me a few days after Hurricane Harvey came and left to realize how much […]


I flippin’ LOVE mommy and kiddo time. I’m one of those moms who are stuck to their children like glue, and I love every single second of it. Nope…Haven’t left the babe alone with anyone for a night to go out or anything like that. It just wasn’t for me. Insteeeeaddd…I swoon over times where […]


Pflugerville Park – It’s a community park open to the public and is tucked away in between several different neighborhoods. I remember when there wasn’t even a trail you could trek from my parents’ house. We had to drive there if we wanted to go. It’s where the Deutschen Pfest has been held for forty-two […]


Hello world! Welcome back to my blog — I’m so happy that you decided to stop and read! Really, I am! How have your days been? Mind have been pretty awesome…I hope you’ve been able to enjoy beautiful days even in the midst of any tough days you may be having. Come and read some […]


Stay-Home-Mother…I’m still getting used to or trying to develop a a title for what my family role is. Yes, I stay at home and take care of my son and do the best I can at clearing the wreckage of said child after an entire day of play in our home. I don’t bring home […]